Friday, January 18, 2008


I can never predict which blog entries will get the most comments - but I certainly did not expect that much interest in my desk! So, to clarify things that have cropped up. ( You might want to read the comments on my last post before you read this)
First, no I don't sew at this desk. I use the dining room which has been prevoiusly photographed . This is work only - save for the bottom drawer of the cabinet which has lots of plastic folders containing back quilting magaizine articles.
Then, to answer Diane's question about books ( I suggest non-lawyers take a little snooze here) I have written:

1. Domestic Violence Picking up the Pieces (A self help book also published in Mexico and the Czech Republic - How can I get help?)

2. Domestic Violence and the Church ( Half law half theology. How can the church help when its members suffer domestic violence?)

3. Family Law Key Facts. (How can I pass my law exam with as little revsion as possible?)

4. I co-authored Family Breakdown in Low Income Families (How can you sort finances out when a couple split up when they don't really have anything except debt!)

5. Family Law Key Cases ( How can I pass my law exams with as litle revision as possible and get a better grade than if I only cribbed from Family law Key Facts.)

Oh and frequently that desk is not that tidy at all!

Then, to Calander Pages' questions. Barristers here wear wigs and gowns and tabs. But the wig is kept in this box under the desk. Sorry about the camera shake.The gowns are only worn in serious civil cases, criminal cases and only in family when we are trying to send someone to prison for beaching an order - hence why mine rarely gets used. Today I shall be working in my civilian dress - black suit basically.

This is what I would look like if I got robed when I got there.

For obvious reasons I do not drive to work dressed like this. Although I once did drive all the way home from North Wales dressed as a medieval princess, but that is another story entirely. There are mutterings about doing away with the fancy dress for baristers altogthether in civil cases.

Finally, cheese is still missing, am going to check jewellery now.


Diane said...

Thanks for the details! Very satisfying to the voyeur in me. Have I mentioned that Roger has co-authored a domestic violence book, too? Goodness ... you are international colleagues.

I'm QUITE impressed with the shot of you in your robe and wig. The robe I wear for work is white terrycloth with big pink roses on it (my bathrobe-harhar) and I suppose you could count just-up-in-the-morning-hair as my work wig.

Is there ever talk of abandoning the wig tradition? To us Americans, it seems like such an archaic quirk.

floribunda said...

wow -- I didn't realize that women lawyers wore the wigs, too! it's quite a look!