Friday, January 04, 2008

A day's work

A family friend went out to visit her son who is living in Tanzania for Chrstmas. Sadly she became ill and had to fly home. She is now in hospital with a 25cm cyst on her ovary, protruding into her bladder. She is awaiting a pretty serious operation next week. So I decided that she needed a convalescence quilt. Only last week I was thinking that I should make a little stock of 'comfort' quilts ready to gift as occasions require but of course had not yet got around to it so had to start from ( almost) scratch.
Instinct said - African fabrics! - but then I wondered if a quilt reminding her of the place she fell ill was a good idea! I checked with Mum who knows her better than I do and she reassured me. So today - between 10am and 7pm I made this top- but I cheated because the panel was already made!. I did actually put another border on but changed my mind and took it off again!

The photo is not the best I am afraid. However, the quilt proves three things:

(a) UFO is a bad term. This cente panel was hanging around for ages but was just right for this. I have decided that I will rechristen my UFO's as 'stashed gift stock'.
(b) I can stash bust with the best - no fabric bought at all for this one.
(c) the title of my blog is a good one - once started I didn't come up for air - except to answer the door to my sister who helpfuly heated up her own soup for lunch then went to sleep on my sofa under a quilt for a couple of hours - such a good visitor!
I tried a new basting approach - spray basting vertically on my design board -worked a treat.


Quilt Pixie said...

what a great quilt -- sad situation to need it for, but great quilt. I particularly like the brown rock pattern border fabric. It does a great job of tying the whole together and protecting the centre panel like a rock wall....

Vicki W said...

What a great quilt! I love the african fabrics and it's going to be a lovely comfort quilt.

Angelcat said...

What a beautiful quilt, I'm sure your friend will really appreciate that you took the time to make it for her.

Mary said...

That's an awesome quilt! I'm sure yur friend will be so touched you made if for her