Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project day countdown 8

I have realised that I have to start doubling up because I have run out of countdown days, the big transatlantic support Project day with Jennifer being tomorrow (9th). We will be blogging our progress before during and after if you want to come and play along with comments. I start around noon GMT, Jennifer at 7am EST.

So two big projects to show you today:

This is the only work in progress with a deadline. It has been entered for the Trentham Gardens show in the special category of water. Note how there isn't any?! Or not much anyway. Peverse, that's me!

It has got occasional attention but I am suffering a crisis of confidence with it. The design calls for two more tryptichs like this and this one as you can see still needs the cracked earth finishing and is lacking the african women with water pots in the centre. Then they all have to be joined with some block or other as yet unknown. This fabric has to be used. Do you think the miniscule bits in the receding lakes I have done counts as enough? It must be done by the end of March. Ho hum. I could always ditch the Flood and Fountain panels. Or pull out and lose my £5 entry fee. Or make it, but just enter it somewhere else later. Much, much later. Or shall I pull myself together and get on with it?


This Kaffe Fasset kit was bought for me for Christmas 2006. Cutting out the diamonds took just forever. Then I was going well but very slowly - lining the patches up is tricky - and oooops! I went wrong. If you look carefuly you will see the patches get out of order.

I could leave it - in theory, but it will annoy me. So I'll have to unpick, slowly re-sew and then get out all these patches from under the dining room chairs where they have been stored for months in fear that if I get the piles out of order I will have no chance!
This will be my project for tomorow because it is my least favourite and therefore I feel the most supportive for Jennifer as she gathers up stamina to tidy up her crafting mess. I am really (REALLY!) hoping that its one of those jobs you put off forever because its just tedious but then when you come to do it - surprise!- you love it! Hmmm. Check in to tomorrow to see.

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