Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project day countdown

Jennifer and I are working towards sharing a project progress day on 9th Feb. Sadly I am not able to go to New England to see her but equipped with broadband we have a Plan. She will start at what I consider the ungodly hour of 7am ( her choice!) and that means I can start at the same time but at 12 noon. We will have a little mail chat then set to for an hour. Then more email chat over lunch, set to, a little coffee break... etc.

This started because I volunteed some time ago to nag her to finish a project because she was feeling in need of encouragement (See her post here) I do believe that I have been a good and dutiful nagger without slipping into Abu Graib type behaviour. However, she confesses - she has not done the quilt because she can't find the fabrics in the mess that is her craft room! So I volunteered to 'virtually ' come over and help out.

So, in the countdown to our day she is posting photos of her mess. She wishes to motivate herself with public humilation so I encourage you to follow her blog and leave comments of abject horror. (Although I think it would also be good if some of you could reassure her that as we appear to be able to still see her desk top things are really not beyond redemption. After all we all need encouragement from time to time.)

Anyway, if she is posting her photos then I have to reciprocate. That day happens to be the start of a week off work for me when I shall have opportunity to - dare I say the word?- finish (gasp!) some projects. Of course I cannot work on them all on Feb 9th so I shall be posting over the next few days some photos of my shelved work and why it is shelved. When you have seen them I shall welcome your comments about what to do with them and which to choose to work on on the 9th.

We shall both then blog on the outcome of our day. As my lap top will be on if you care to comment on the blog on the day we shall get the messages in real time and will appreciate the encouragement.

First photos of WiPs start tomorrow. For today I cheated - the photos above are of my "TV / scrap quilt" project which I am genuinely piecing by hand a little every TV programme so technically is a WiP but is not a Feb 9th contender.


Garnered Stitches said...

You've encouraged me to did out the WiPs in the corner of my work room to see if I can get them completed for the June Quilt show. That June 2008!

Gina said...

I don't have many UFO's (honest) but I do have lots of topd to quilt. Maybe I'll declare that day a quilting day and get one or two quilted.
I'll be keeping an eye on you both

love and hugs xxx

Jennifer said...

I love this quilt you're working on -- gorgeous! -- and am looking forward to seeing what develops for your 2/9 project. Thanks for the encouragement and support; honestly, I'm feeling better already.