Saturday, October 06, 2007

Work in progress

In my blogging absense I have been holed up in the Novotel in Leeds, teaching law by day and making log cabins for a commission quilt by evening. I took a photo of the little sewing area I constructed - machine on the dressing table, TV to the right with an ironing board acting as a return table below it and a chair holding my plastic box of strips to the left. I took my own extension bale and ott-light... I am sure the maid wondered what I was up to! Sadly I am too inept to work out how to download the photo from my phone.
I can show you the work in progess spread over my floor though. (Floor and not design board because I am foundation piecing and the paper backing does not stick to the board. )I was sent this material, along with some silks to match the colours to......
...the request being for a variation of my Leaf Peeper quilt, which my client bought from Quilts UKAnd these are the blocks so far. Obviously the 'odd flower out' in the cream blocks is not staying in its current position but will go at the corners of the outer line of log cabins with its mates not yet made.

The colours are so different from those I would normally choose - very muted and no brown in sight. But, as I had to buy so much fabric to get the variety of strips, there will be lots left over so I guess I will have a chance to see if I can do something less tradtional with them!

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Purple Missus said...

And there was me thinking that maybe Denis (with one n) had mistakenly eaten you too!
The colours in your quilt look really wonderful together - a very good choice.