Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on last venting post

I rang back. Had to go through the automated process again. Twice. But once was my fault becuase I tried to buck the system by inserting number commands too quickly and ended up with French instructions. Spoke to a human who told me there was a technical issue. I KNOW!!!. She began to take endless details including my phone number and said they would ring back in the next two days. She got as far as half of the product key when the line went dead. Did she ring back for the rest of it? Did she ******.

Adobe Photoshop Elements refused my serial number three times but took it on the fourth attempt. Adobe Flash player will not install at all. EQ 5 reloaded no problem at all (and thank you Rio Designs for including a note of the serial number on the invoice for easy access). I am about to reload the camera programme and I have lost the disc for the printer driver so will have to download on line- keep fingers crossed!

Finally thanks to Dennis who has just shouted to say that he has cooked for me!!

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