Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sock basting

I am a proponent of spray basting for quilts. Pin backing to carpet, shwoosh of spray, pat down wadding, shwoosh of spray, pat down top. How easy is that?! I do pin the very edges just because I am careful not to spray the carpet with basting spray too, but that only takes 5 mins. As such I have never used the Micro Stitch product which is a gun that send plastic tacks through your quilt.
However, just now as I scrabbled around to find two matching trainer socks to take to the gym I suddenly thought - is this not the ideal laundry product? Keep the gun by the laundry bin. Tag your socks as to take them off and untag them after they are washed and just before you put them on. No more lone socks.

I would be classed as a genuis for my fantastic ideas, were it not that it was only during the typing of the last paragaph that I remembered - I am going to the gym today for aqua aerobics..... but on another day I will need socks.....!!

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