Thursday, October 18, 2007

More on why I married him

Continung the conversation from last night, I have just told Dennis that the first five visitors to the Cottonpatch shop each day get a free gift of a magnet and pointed out that as it only opens at 10am we have a real chance of actually being the first visitors without making a special effort to do that.

"Really?" He said. "Each vistor gets one?"

Now I am good at reading his mind ( usually), so I surmised that what he was really saying was, " Well if its one per visitor, lets go in separately and get one each and even though it is bound to be a quilty magnet that I don't want, you can have it because you love quilty things." See, that's just the kind of guy he is.

So I replied, "Yes. One each. Its good isn't it. Even though we don't have a metallic door on our fridge to actually put a magnet on...."

He frowned, thought, and then his shoulders sagged. "Oh. " he said. "I thought you said a Magnum *."

Don't worry folks. I will ensure he gets one anyway as a detour reward!

(* as you can see a Magnum is a brand of icecream here. Not sure if it travels under that name.)


Diane said...

I love this story. I think you'd better buy him a Magnum after your shop visit, no matter what they're giving away. (Here,by the way, a magnum is a giant bottle of champagne...)

Calender Page said...

Magnums aren't in the US, but we have
Dove bars which are very similar. I discovered Magnums in Thailand and got addicted, they are also in southern China but I don't trust the Chinese not to counterfeit them.

Kristin L said...

Magnums are everywhere in germany. My personal fave is the almond one. I'd totally drive to Birmingham for a free Magnum!

Jennifer said...

I see I'm late in reporting that it looks like what we'd call a Dove bar stateside, and that I, too, was thinking champagne. What a guy, though, eh? Your both lucky to have each other (and tell us all about the quilt shop visit!).