Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Important and stupid stuff

Important stuff

The grand reveal of the twelveby12 Dandelion quilts has begun. Blogger is refusing to let me post photos now but I revealed earlier and so you can see mine with the acompanying tale at http://twelveby12.blogspot.com/2007/10/where-does-all-yellow-go.html . Don't forget to check out all the other quilts.

Stupid stuff

A parcel arrived today from The Court of Appeal in London. Turned out to be a DVD for part-time Judges about the mentoring scheme. The covering letter said that there was both film and text on the disc so if you had a computer you could see both. If you only had a DVD player but no computer you could see the film and not the text, but the text was available for download 'from the following website: www....etc'

Is it just me?!


Linda said...

I came by your blog via a link to the 12 x 12 blog that a friend sent, that led me to the website, that led me to your personal blog. Yes I should be finishing the quilting on a piece but it's dark outside and it's been a grotty day at work....

So I'm writing to say thank you!! I think I've read every post and am so much cheered by yur reflections that I WILL finish that quilting tonight.

Helen said...

Re: Stupid Stuff,
No, it's not just you :-)

Jennifer said...

I love the 12x12 project, and will enjoy watching as it progresses. On the computer front, you have my complete sympathies. And, yes, too many things like your dvd/computer instructions seem to have evaded the grasp of the people putting them together -- I feel I'm always saying to Ken, "is it just me, or ...?" Dean's appreciating your comments on his blog, though he's slow to update/respond (piano practice seems to be cutting into all his free time [I wish]).