Sunday, October 07, 2007

It growded like topsy

As regular readers will well know, I am on a concerted effort to finish up some works in progress. I pulled a wallhanging, which I had made in a group session at Douglas Valley Quilters, out of my cupboard yesterday and stuck it up on the design wall, partly to give me somthing nice to look at and partly so I could consider how to quilt it. At just 23 x 24 inches it would be a nice quick done-in-an-evening job.

I left the room. I re-entered the room. I thought, "You know, that wallhanging would actually make a fantastic center for a bed sized quilt."

Which is how come (a) my spare room ended up looking like this ( it was worse much worse - or better, depending on your view point!- at one stage

(b)I never get to the end of my WiP list and (c) my mug of green tea ended up all over the carpet - I set it down on the floor (I never learn!) and completely covered it with green fabric... one tug of the fabric to see how it looked next to the brown and.. splish splash!!

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