Saturday, October 06, 2007

Non-quilting gloating

My husband has seen all 42 matches in the Rugby World cup so far ( and a few Welsh league and local club matches in the same period!). Me? Mostly I have taken advantage of undisturbed time with my machine. But today, at the quarter-final stage, was when it started to get interesting as far as I was concerned and I did manage the last fifteen minutes of the two matches. I am aware, given I have some many faithful readers from down under that I should be magnaminous but, heck, you wouldn't be in my shoes would you?!

England 12 Australia 10 (Ha!)

and then the bonus ( given that Denis the Kiwi Hoover was sitting on my sofa, pretending to be neutral in the above match but was making very antipodean comments!)

France 20 New Zealand 18 (Ha again!)
I think I will save needleturning those Japanese flowers for the semis next weekend!!


hyldess said...

I'm pretty sure you mean France 20 NZ 18 ;)

Helen Conway said...

An almost instant correction to my fevered typing!

Helen said...

Gee, and I didn't even notice. But anyway, as I was about to say, "too right, Ha!" I told everyone at work they (us, the all blacks) wouldn't be winning the world cup any time soon. Did they believe me? Much fevered brow beating in the media but I haven't heard anyone suggest (yet) that it was because they had to play in silver jerseys. I'm waiting for it though.