Monday, October 15, 2007

Need scraps will travel

Yesterday I decided to start to reduce my scrap stash by cutting lots of 4 inch squares for a scrap quilt - an easy, take-along wherever I go hand sewing project I thought. I spent all afternoon cutting and achieved 150 or so squares. This did not seem to reduce the scraps in the slightest ( perhaps because I stuck to the 'rule' of no more than 2 squares from each fabric.) The pattern calls for 960 squares.

Now, the sensible thing is to just (a) break my self imposed rule and (b) make the thing smaller. Or, the other option wouls be to go and buy some scraps... :)

I have been in e-mail conversation today with my frend Lesley and told her inter alia (I'm a lawyer - gotta do that Latin thing from time to time) that I was only 25 mins drive from the Cottonpatch when I go to speak at the NEC for an hour on Wednesday but that a side trip to to the shop meant I needed the car which meant about 4.5 hrs driving instead of a train trip. Plus I get to go to three quilt shops whilst on holiday next week anyway....

Five minutes after I sent that I found on my - reasonably tidy at the moment- desk, AA routefinder directions from the NEC to the shop printed out on 10th October last year - presumably when I did the conference and side trip then. I have no idea how they got onto my desk but Lesley took it as a sign that I had to go - the quilting angel is, so she says, on my shoulder.

Only just now the post arrived and in it... the mail order catalogue for the very same shop. Another sign that I should go and buy charm packs or a sign that I could just mail order them. I am confused.

At least I now have good reading as an alternative to the two lever arch files of legal papers I have to read on the train to London I am catching at 3.30!

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