Sunday, September 30, 2007

More finished quilts

Continuing with my finishing up Project this weekend I tied and bound White Women Can Quilt - this one is 52 x 72 inches

And then I did the borders, machine applique, quilting and binding on When Ricky met Magie (42 x 52 inches) It is so called for the combination of Ricky Tims convergence technique for the sunset panels and fabrics from Magie Relph's African Fabric shop. Originally it was to be bigger but it refused point blank to accept another border and so it is the way it is!

Oh and to reply to English Rose's comment on a previous post - needles can be taken on to aircraft - apparently they are too slim to be picked up on the security scan - and if you think about it are not dissimilar to a brooch backing. You need special thread cutters though.


Purple Missus said...

I'm back! Lunchtimes just haven't been the same these past few weeks. Have a lot of catching up to do but from what I have managed to read so far I can honestly say your work is all as beautiful as ever and your words...well, you are amazing. OK so the page in the back of a magazine hasn't materialised so how about writing a sitcom instead?

Jennifer said...

These quilts are just so beautiful -- I especially love "When Ricky met..." but I love the history/evolution of "White Women" as well.

My dad was a Denis with one 'n,' too! Only his mother (who was not French, by the way) called him "Denny." And hey, MY husband has a friend who'll eat anything, too. Small world ;o) At least it's lovely to have a cake disaster not go to waste.

English Rose said...

thank you Helen, I will definitely give it a go. I've got a daisy wheel cutter, but I did manage to bring the entire security queue to a halt many years ago, before all this current nonsense, by having it and a silver needle case togther in my bag. Of course it was a bomb or lethal weapon. obviously. ho hum...gues I've just been wary since then.