Saturday, November 03, 2007

Developing a style

Great quilting minds often think alike. I have been piecing a commsion quilt today - lots of foundation pieced log cabins and flowers from Susan Briscoes book. Enjoyable, what the client ordered and in fact my design.... but somehow not 'me'. I was reflecting just this week on how I do not feel I have yet found my own style in quilting. I have made over 20 quilts in the last twenty months and the ones I like most are the ones which tend towards improvisational techniques but I do not think that I have yet found what would be termed my 'voice' in creative writing circles. Its somthing I want to focus on in 2008 now I have acquired at least a rudimentary knowledge of quiling techniques.

As I was musing on this two other blog entried cropped up this weekend. Jennifer on her 21st October post (Ok I am a bit behind) left a link to a quilter I had never before heard of but whose work clearly has a very distinctive 'voice'. She is Jane Burch Cochran and you can see her here.

Then today Brenda challnges readers to join her in her judging course homework to list 10 quilters whose style you would instantly recognise.

I have to say that the most recognisable things about my quilts from the last couple of months at the moment is that they are all half finished....!


Helen said...

Ain't that the truth!!

Jennifer said...

It's a real struggle, a real challenge in the arts to find our own voice, our own style -- but it's what makes the discovery process so amazing. I'm still at the very beginning of my own journey (and not helped by how long it takes me to GET to anything) -- but I'm delighted that you looked up Jane's work and like her stuff!