Monday, September 03, 2007

Whats on your wall?

I find it almost impossible to concentrate soley on one project at a time. Leaving aside the WIPs in boxes, this is my design wall tonight.

First we have samples of different forms of applique for my City and Guilds. We have all decided to make them in co-ordinating blocks so that after the course they can go in a quilt.

Then there is a block which is the start of my next challenge quilt with Lesley - we are doing a kind of wonky round robin. We each are to swap one block then build it up a bit - not necessarily with a border, but in any way we choose and hand it back, build on it and so on until the owner of the original block deems it finished.

Down at the bottom is another sample that I just had to make after reading about the technique in Quilters Newsletter. I read it at 11.30 ish at night, got up and made it at 7 am! Having made it I have decided do do somthing similar in the borders of this, which is a Ricky Tims convergence with a Brixton twist! The little flying geese are Ricky's method of three dimensional geese - I'll post instructions tomorrow - they are easy peasy and so fun. Random pieces on a board but a complete quilt in my head at the moment!

What's on your board?

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