Monday, September 24, 2007

Odds and sods

I am conscious that I am not being a consciencious blogger at the moment but I have three excuses for the last few days:

(a) I am undergoing training to be a collaborative lawyer which is a whole new way of practicing family law and so I have my head stuck in participation agreements and the like.

(b) I was away at the weekend at Mum's and my Morceau quilting class. Mum and I began to design our embroidered quilt ( actually having declared her total lack of design capacity Mum pretty much picked out what we were going to do amd I agreed and drew it for her!) and then I came home with instructions to come up with all the embroidery designs for the centre portion and I spent 6 hours flat yesterday working on just that! We went shopping together and started very well with exceedingly well priced solid black fabric which I then got a further 20% off and a few skeins of DMC embroidery silk. We then slid a little by deciding that several borders had to be in order-only dupion silk at £14 per meter... but the colours ( which Mum mostly picked) are black, gold, magenta and purple ( for grapes on a grapevine border she wants) and will look, I think, deliciously rich and, well, rather clerical, as is appropriate for a quilt based on an exhibition of sacred texts.

(c) I am on a massive finishing up session to get at least some of my WIPs finished before half term in October so I can justify taking a whole new set of uncut-into fabrics on holiday and making a quilt in a week down in Bath. This is a simple wallhanging for Christmas I have just completed - started on the plane and in baggage reclaim at Manchester a few weeks ago.

And I have quilted the quilt pieced mostly when I was in Tunisia. This is for my Gran for Christmas.... the Gran who rang tonight to declare that she wasn't doing Christmas presents this year. She was makng a charity donation instead and didn't want to be given anything for herself..... Tough!!! Its nothing innovative but I like the colours and it was easy to handpiece whilst on the go.


Diane said...

How cool about the collaborative lawyer training...sounds like a good way to go in family law. I'll be interested to hear how it goes in practice. And I like your gran's quilt!

Helen said...

Wow, hand pieced. I am impressed! Too bad Gran, call it a New Year present instead.

English Rose said...

for someone not achieving much you look to be doing just fine to me. one question though, are you allowed to take sewing needles onto the aircraft? I haven't dared cos I assumed that they would be considered a lethal weapon. with me using them, they may well be.....