Saturday, September 29, 2007

Things going wrong...

Marble cake is the easiest thing to make. It also gets great praise from the two obsessively Rugby World Cup watching men parked in my lounge for the duration. However, it does not work if you casually whack the oven on to preheat and forget to turn it down to 200 degrees when you actually put the cake in.

This singed volcano like mess - burned and stuck to the tin on the outside, still fluid on the inside - was inspected by my husband's friend (officially named Denis with one 'n' but, behind his back, called 'the human hoover'). His verdict? "Whats wrong with the solid bit?"

The middle bit was duly excised from the liquid portion, iced and presented looking like something a kindergarten child made with a blindfold on . He gobbled the whole lot ( which was at least 3/4 of the intended cake and proclaimed it delicious. He did venture the opinion that looks did not matter but as we were watching some rather gorgeous Fijians thrash a pasty looking Wales at the time, I had to disagree!

That was after my hairdryer packed in. I suppose all hairdryers, when they pack in, must logically pack in while someone's hair is still half wet.... but did it have to be when all my neighbours who might have loaned me one were out and when I was in a rush to go for brunch with Dennis ( mine - see the two 'n's) because a carefully times fry up at a (not so) greasy spoon was all he had time for, what with the 8 matches on this weekend?

The local hairdresser kindly loaned me one and then we made a quick dash to Boots for a replacement. You gotta love the way they try to sell you a hairdryer. We compared no less than twelve models all sold on science. Last time I bought one, hairdryers produced cold, warm and hot air. Now they offer ceramic technology and ionic conditioning. Trouble is, they all do, so even if I knew what they were talking about, it doesn't help me choose. In the end I chose the one one with a rectractable cord and folding handle for ease of packing when travelling. But I was oh so ( not) tempted by the brand that sold two identical dryers in different boxes. The only difference with the second box was that it included a 'FREE!' ceramic hairstraighter. Oh, and it cost £10 more than the other box.

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