Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shoes, sisters, sticks and silliness

It is hard to understand how sisters can be so different. I like smart things. These are the slippers Ii was wearing when my sister arrived last night. ( Handmade and imported by me from Morrocco.)
These are Jen's shoes:
They are Crocs. (Look like plastic boats to me). Crocs have holes in them apparently ( What's that all about?) and Mark, Jen's husband managed to buy then for her just as she came home from a health and saftey talk at work where they were banned from wearing shoes with holes in. She is a nurse and the logic is that there is a danger of getting needlestick injury if the needle is dropped on a foot and goes through the hole.
The rule is still in place despite the fact that the A&E staff apparently spent quite some time throwing hypodermic syringes at a pair of crocs and failed totally to get any of them to land the the holes. So the solution was to fill the holes with these plastic animal 'gems'. (Gems to me means diamonds and sapphires).She works on a Children's ward so I guess she can get away with it. They look rindiculous to me but perhaps I am out of synch with foot fashion. Is there a market , do you think, for plastic quilt blocks to cover holes in our shoes in case we drop a Jeans needle into them?

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