Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My friend Chris

One of the best things about quilting for me has been the making of so many new friends all around the world. I always wanted to be in an old fashoned Amercian quiting bee. Well, we don't hand quilt and we don't eat grits, but the 'girls' in my City and Guilds class have recently started meeting occasionally in each others home's to gossip and sew together.

Last time it was just Kristina and myself but we had such good fun. This is her in her inside studio. ( She has another outbuilding with dying space downstairs and long room for her quilting frame and othercrafts upstairs and is about to build a dedicated studio in the loft space of a new double garage, lucky cow!). I am just fascinated with other people's sewing spaces, aren't you?

Here am I in another corner of the same room holding up one of her C&G samples that I wanted to keep because they were all Africany and beautiful.

And this is a photo of her patchwork turkey that she sent me a photo of unasked for, so she obviously wants me to show it off! And a very nice turkey doorstop it is too.

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English Rose said...

@.....I am just fascinated with other people's sewing spaces, aren't you?@

definitely! actually my dh calls it nosey, which is harsh, but sadly, true.