Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick update

I am just back from the Great Northern Quilt show Harrogate. I called in at Pennypot Patchwork on the way - a new shop to me. This time the show seemed small and quiet and did not really justify the day and a half I set aside for it - but I had to stay as I was collecting my quilt at the end.

I stayed at the Premier Travel Inn near Leeds - Bradford airport and was mulling over the wisdom of this - would I have been better getting up really early and driving over just for the day and having the cash to spend? The dilemma was solved when I realised that I had been allocated a room near doors that slammed and that the other otherside of the wall on which my headboard rested were several extremely squeaky steps. Not a major problem, but enough to genuinely keep me awake for half an hour or so at night and then wake me up at just before seven in the morning as early leavers departed.

Premier Travel Inn still has their' good night sleep' guarantee ( although they don't advertise it so much these days). If you don't get one, you get your money back. I didn't, so I did and then I made the lady from The Shuttle who was selling fabric at £5 per meter very happy the next day!

But no photos of my haul becuase I have already stashed it all away without thinking. I have now ( several months too late says my husband) reaslied that I am at the stage where I have to focus on stash reduction and WIPs for a while. So no more serious shopping ( except for a little planned splurge at Midsomer Quilting in October because that's my favourite shop and the holiday would not be the same without a little trip there) until Easter next year... when I go to Midsomer Quilting again and then just after there is the Trentham Gardens show. Oh, and except for the Nantwich sale in January when fabric is so cheap you'd be mad not to stock up on backings at least...

But now to London for the week to work so I may go off radar for a while!

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