Saturday, November 28, 2009

Truly Excellent shops

Today I found two truly excellent shops thanks to the recommendation of Jenny Burton, the owner of the apartment we are in. Tula and Niles is just to the side of the catherdral and is a veritable emporium of beautiful things in this house of character.The American owner has the rare talent of being able to display a myriad of disparate items and create a cohesive whole.

Even the porch holds temptations!

And then the Bead Gallery. Its a house. Full of beads. and I mean full.

Its a wonder I ever got home!


Feather on a Wire said...

Both those shops look wonderful. Another parcel to send home?

Helen said...

So how many beads did you take away from the shop with you? Do they have any left to sell?

Kristin L said...

OMG the beads! My brain would explode just deciding where to start in there!