Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silk painting

So here is how it worked: Jenny Burton (you know, I mentioned her - owner of the apartment) invited me into her studio and I got to see the work books and samples for the canopy I blogged about and some other work of hers. I suggested that she add textile courses on to her accommodation as an optional extra as she used to teach. She said that her friend Susanne Williamson was better set up for teaching - oh and Susanne sells stuff on the market under the name Unique Threads.

So off we went to market. In the rain. I found her stall. I stood for a while ( in a puddle I later deduced by the sogginess of my jeans hems, although I did not notice at the time) while she sold a scarf to a woman who liked them all but had a friend who told the buyer that almost every colour did not suit her. Then when Susanne came free I basically asked if could go to her house the next morning and be taught silk painting - and the amazing thing: she said yes!
So today, after a textile activity-less month I got to play. My samples and resultant scarf have to stay with her to be steamed and will be mailed home, but the photo shows my wet and salting scarf on the table - the pattern comes from a Maori war canoe. I can't wait it to see how it turns out. Does Dennis mind me disappearing for half a day? Well, you know: Man has TV controls. Man has international rugby union on Sky Sports. Man is happy.


Garnered Stitches said...

I'm not sure what I'm enjoying most about your trip, could it be the wonderful shops you are visiting?, the glorious views? the arts and crafts you are discovering? Well yes to all of that but best of all I look forward to what Denis did next!
best wishes

Helen said...

It looks like Dennis needs a longer couch to stretch out on :-)

Diane said...

Oh! Oh! What wonderful fun! Your scarf looks gorgeous (there's that green...) and it looks like you even incorporated some Maori swirls in the design, yes? What a wonderful fiber art treat. And Dennis does not look like he is suffering in your absence.

I am most amused by your being so entranced by the fabric at Susanne's booth that you were standing in water and didn't notice. You are indeed a dedicated and intrepid fabric lover.

kwilta said...

Dennis sounds very much like my better half. He would do exactly the same thing. Rugby Union or League no matter. This holiday is certainly a wonderful experience. Enjoy.