Sunday, November 29, 2009

Montana World of Wearable Art

Nelson houses the museum of the World of Wearable Art. It is twinned with a classic car museum, I am guessing for spouses. Dennis opted for the cafe and a book! I was not allowed to take photos as I stood in awe and wonder but the local paper has a good slide show of winners from this years show here and the official site has past winners for you to drool over also. there are also books available from Craig Potton publishing ( or Amazon) - brother of Jenny Burton out apartment owner.


June Calender said...

Creativity and sense of humor [humour?] are rampant down in Kiwi land. Thanks for the links, they were fun. It's a delight to go on this round the world trip virtually and vicariously with you.

Sue Dennis said...

I bought a great paua shell necklace when we visited the WOW museum a few years ago. Will your travels bring you to Brisbane, Australia?
cheers, Sue