Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was delighted when we went to Wellington Cathedral to see this canvas work labyrinth sitting at the back of the nave. It was there for visitors to add stitches to. As you can imagine I enjoyed working on it throughout the evensong service. It was a question of filling in the gaps left by others. Could I remember all the fancy stitches I sampled for my City and Guilds? No siree!

The greens in this bit are the ones I did - follow the line from the green crosses down to the solid aquamarine and across the black and white hashes to the green again. All that is mine.
This is the second canvas they had put out. After the service the Dean came and nodded me over,"You've had a busy time," he said. "Have a look in here. Just pull the door to when you are done." Then he opened the door to the office and let me look at the first one.

Oh, and by the way, I have had maternal comment on my last post 'Not never coming home'. So can I just publicly say: Don't cry Mummy, I am coming home really. And to the rest of you, when I said the beach hut in which we changed fell into the sea, let me clarify that this was not some form of vacation child abuse. We changed into our swimming suits in it and then years later the cliff collapsed from erosion and the hut fell into the sea. There, is that all clear?!


Laura Jane said...

What a great idea!

A randomized sampler. Marvellous!

Lisa said...

The sampler is such a fabulous idea. A solid example of the beauty that forms in the world when strangers work together.

Helen said...

This is way cool, Helen. Love the first one. I admit, I was jealous when you said you had done some stitching in the cathedral. Sigh, do I have to travel back to Wellington to share the privilege??