Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not never coming home

Today we left Wellington by Inter Islander ferry. It was forecast rough. It wasn't. A perfect journey. And at the other end... The Dog Box quilt shop. (Pricey and with a small stock and odd name but it didn't stop me having a good time!)Lunch was served with this view of Picton waterfront.

We then drove the Queen Charlotte Drive with views of the Marlborough Sound with a coffee break at Havelock and ended up at the Loft apartment at Villa 10 in Nelson . This is the view from the balcony where tomorrow I shall start the day with yoga.

My reading nook (Dennis can have the sofa - he does not appreciate the artiness of this enough) is all hand painted by the host textile artist Jenny Burton and the painting on the wall is by her sister Sally Burton.

Everything matches which is important to me and it has a lovely beach hut feel to it. Upmarket beach hut that is! (Not, if you are reading, parents, the kind of sandfilled beach hut we changed in in Cromer as a child which then fell into the sea).

The bed has, as you can see, a canopy by Jenny.

On the underneath of the top she has embroidered the resist dye patches to make a kind of planetarium cloth - which you can light up!

And around the edges, shibori dye and hand beaded fringes.

And although we shall be using this tiny sleeping loft to store the cases, look how well it is done!

We have five nights in this beautiful place which we intend to be very relaxed ones containing galleries, food and rest and reading. And just in case my five cases were not containing enough reading matter, the shelves in the hall contain, inter alia Art New Zealand magazine back copies and books about Wearable Art, New Zealand textile art and local artists talking about their art and food. Oh and there is a basket in the hall with piles of cloth slippers to choose from in different fabrics.
Henceforth, it is decreed, no one shall scoff ever again at the amount of internet research I do for verily, it has been proven good.


jewishprincess said...

I am now going to do my bedroom with a canopy !!! love the ideas of light up fabric - what a great idea- do you think we could now move into bedhangings to match the quilts when we next go to yvonnes ?

Lisa said...

What beautiful finds you have made!

Helen said...

Love the reading nook! The light up fabric sounds cool. How did she do it? Luminous paint?? Or it there some kind of electricity going on there?

Gerrie said...

Oh, this looks so delightful. I am a bit jealous.

Feather on a Wire said...

That research was worth every minute, what a stunning place to stay

kwilta said...

Second honeymoon - this is a holiday to top all the rest