Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost in travel

Guest written by Dennis 12/11/09

Helen is busy stroking piles of shop-hop fabric so it falls to me to inform her readers that we are now back in San Fransisco following a tour of Northern California taking in Berkeley, Healdsburg, Sacramento, Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Lake Tahoe, Salinas and Monterey. The US is interesting in that it appears that around each quilt shop they have built a city for husbands to visit.

Having ordered a Hertz Never Lost GPS marriage saving device Helen was never geographically lost. However in the last 10 days she has lost the following items:

Bag of apples
Camera ( left in Berkeley Marina)
Camera ( left in Hertz hire car)
Handbag(left in In and Out Burger Morgan Hill)
Passport ( albeit only for a panicky five minutes when she failed to reach deep enough into the safe pocket of her bag where it was all along)
Camera spare battery
Can mango juice
Feather Pillow
Box of fabric worth some $200 (that's what she is admitting to anyway)

All have been recovered save for the the mango juice and the pedometer which fell off in the ladies' restroom and I draw the line at searching in there. The Hertz people returned the camera but the memory card has been removed. This is a mystery even Helen has not yet solved. So far she has failed to lose me but should my name not appear in any of her posts please email her and remind her to check for my whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

Well done Dennis - good to hear you are there to keep stock of this travelling lady and your adventures. Do hope she does not lose you too as I'm looking forward to more from the alternative correspondent - you made me smile.

Quilt Pixie said...

perhaps implanting the GPS into Helen's arm will help you locate her should she loose herself? :-)

The posts you and HElen have made sound like you're having a great time. Hope you continue to enjoy yourselves amongst the trails and tribulations of travel

katinspace said...

Is this the beginning of a permanent "Dennis's" column? I hope so. Not as a replacement you understand, but it is fun to hear the trials and tribulations of the husband of a fabric addict. Keep writing and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Gerrie said...

Dennis, I am so glad you are on this trip with Helen, who would surely be lost to us by now.

Since, you have only begun your trip, one can only imagine what else she will "misplace"!

I do appreciate your understanding of the fabric fondling and the places of adoration that we must find.

Love to you both.

paula said...

Oh yes - i want to hear more from Dennis too. If Helen loses you, it's her loss, so to speak. ;)

$200 of fabric - double that and then some I'd say.

Diane said...

The song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" takes on a whole new meaning to you, I'm sure!