Sunday, November 22, 2009


Going backwards from my last post - the first stop in NZ was Auckland after a great flight with seven hours deep sleep, aided by a complimentary pair of pyjamas!
We had an apartment overlooking the harbour of a cruise seemed otiose but we did take the ferry across to Devonport for the views. Dennis got a little distracted when, way down at the bottom of the hill he spotted a fire engine. Very exciting. Apparently.
Cushla's Village Fabrics got some custom but I haven't photographed the fabric yet so you will have to wait for that.

We also did the museum where I got completely overwhelmed and excited with ideas for quilt design and City and Guilds projects in the Maori section. At some time I will write an article on it for my website but for now this is a taster - just one of many woven panels from the meeting house and some traditional mok0 - facial tatoos. I have lots of sketchbook pages and had to go back the next day, via Parnell and the cathedral, to finish off the Polynesian rooms.


Lisa said...

Very exciting. I love the Maori patterns.

Margeeth said...

Ouch, those tattoos must have really hurt when they made them!

Karen said...

I love the Maori images. Francoise and I and our husbands saw lots of that at Quai Branley Museum in Paris. I could look at it for hours.