Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend progress

By last night the pieces of the quilt you saw on the design board were into a top. But that's only the first stage. The plan is to add some indigo strips, so there was some auditioning going on.

I think I prefer these cut out strips showing the fabric underneath rather than adding yet more to the already busy top.

Tonight I did some other bit and bobs and about sixish came into the lounge and looked at the walls. On one side of the fireplace hangs this quilt.
On the other is an identical rail with nothing on it. Well, actually at the moment there is a Christmas quilt on it but for the rest of the last two years there has been nothing because I still have not finished the twin quilt from the same fabrics. So tonight I sat down and thought, "Oh I am blowed if I am taking that down and having a blank wall again". So, did I go and finish the half done quilt? No of course not. I started a new one.
This is the completed top base with a cut out cartoon of the African woman under an umbrella I plan to applique on top.

As of right now I hate it! Oh well, the wallpaper is quite nice!


Quilt Pixie said...

the indigo showing the fabric underneath does a much better job of pulling it together than the one with new colours/shapes... The bed looks nice and warm with the quilt :-)

Kristin L said...

Like Quilt Pixie says -- I also prefer the cut outs. :-)

Jude said...

Yep, cut out from me too.
Like wall hanging without cartoon on it, lovely african fabrics.