Saturday, January 17, 2009

Band sampler 2

Now I have a functioning camera I can show you the progress on my Band sampler from this week. Under the pre-existing running stitch is some stem stitch in various scales as I work through my book.

Then I added my participation in Sharon Boggon's Stitch Explorer. This month we are working on varying chicken scratch stitch. ( I am having a hard time not calling it chicken s**t stitch - which might well describe more accurately the accuracy of mine! Still, this is a working and learning sampler, not a hanging on the wall sampler.) All this was done whilst watching TV on Thursday.

I am amazed with myself how many variations I could do in a short time.

Some of them reminded me of snowflakes so I extrapolated to this motif.

I think there is more in me yet. And maybe practice will make me more accurate.


Diane said...

It works up fast, doesn't it! I'm trying to think not so mathematically and get something a bit more flowing! Well, there's no rush as we don't get the second technique until the middle of Feb.

sharonb said...

Yes it does work up fast but that is the fun of I think - you don't have to stitch for ages before moving on to the next idea. I think it could be incorporated in contemporary work because of its 'pace' if you know what I mean - it feels as if it could keep up
I think its an underrated technique for this reason

great samples too!

Anonymous said...

I like your work with chicken scratch on the sampler, Helen. It's lovely. And a great variety, too. Being a Vermonter at heart, I'm delighted at the thought of snowflakes inspiring your motif.

Best wishes,

Linda said...

Wonderful samples. Now you have me wanting to go back and try them on Gingham, which is where it all started.

Beautiful work

Linda @ Chloe

Mandie said...

Oh, it looks lovely. You've found some many variations. Your band sampler is going to look magnificent! :)