Monday, January 26, 2009

Gekkos with glitz

Isn't it funny how you can get to an idea without consciously thinking your way there?

I have not blogged for a few days because Dennis (at my encouragement) rationed my laptop access to about twenty minutes a day after I gave my self a stinking headache that lingered for days. This I did by working on it for a while in the morning then sitting on the sofa with it on my knee for no less than 7 hours and 20 mins obsessively exploring hotels trains, car hire in several countries all at once. The eye strain was worth it as the wonderful finds included this room for our Sydney stay but I shall be giving myself breaks in future!

The finding of that room (and its price) led us to have a conversation about the value of travel, particularly in terms of memories that last and how the best memories are often not the ones you plan but the surprises and small details. We began to challenge one another: First three things that come into your head from X place? For Thailand we both recalled a hotel in Hua Hin. We booked it at an agency in Bangkok and when we arrived it turned out it had opened for business that very day. It was large, brand spanking new, freshly landscaped with a glistening pool, right on the white beach... and empty save for us. We had dinner on the terrace and we were like King and Queen of the hacienda. Our only company was a family of lizards who scurried up and down the walls and amused us all night. (As did the newly employed kitchen staff who brought us our delicious food in any which order they thought appropriate.)

Then last night I wanted to read in bed but as my eyes were still sore I opted for a picture book. I opened Masters Art Quilts and re-saw a quilt I have loved for ages by Jenny Hearn which includes African symbols and set me thinking about appliqueing something to use up the African scraps I have. (These are they..... see why I need to start using them?!)

So today, eyes and head rested, I go back to work and to the computer. I sneaked a look at a couple of blogs on my reader including Nellie's Needles. She is still at it with her birds. All the same pattern all different decoration. My goodness I think - how many birds can one woman make? Not long afterwards my eyes began to feel strained again so a little break seemed in order. I wandered down to the machine and... well this little critter seemed to just come to life in my hands. He was going to be a plain gecko - just one of many African symbols - to go in a wonky log cabin for a snuggle quilt. But he kind of insisted on Liberace style glitz and so now he will be more suited to a wall.

But lizards on walls don't seem to be alone...... so I had to make another.

And here is a naked one waiting to be decorated....... I can see now how Nellie can get addicted to variations of the same!


Gerrie said...

I love these Geckos, but I am wondering - if you are making glitzy geckos is your chair piece done?

Kristin L said...

Definitely keep going with the glitzy geckos -- they're wonderful fun!

Quilt Pixie said...

can never have too many lizards... :-)

nomore said...

coloful and very nice designs!