Saturday, January 31, 2009

Band sampler 2

My band sampler is becoming a place where I work though the stitches in my stitch book and also where I just make things up as I go along in response to Sharon Boggon's Stitch Challenge. As you can see it is not a place of perfection but of learning.

Here we have some Pekingese stitch, a motif which was me messing around with derivatives of chicken scratch stitch. The block of stitching on the right was a thought I had about recreating the gingham on which Chicken scratch is traditionally worked. Didn't work but, hey, who cares?! Then some chain stitch. I have tried this before and I still can't get those little loops even. Hate it.
I think I shall be getting a fair bit of sampling done in it in the future as it is good for in front of the TV. And there is to be quite a lot of TV in our near future as Dennis, after dithering for months has finally bought the complete DVD set of West Wing. That's 154 episodes. At a cost of 30 pence each episode, which is pretty good really. But that's 112 hours worth........ Maybe I could hand piece a quilt and quilt the thing in that time!

Here were have more Pekingese stitch, which made me want to go back to trying loops on chicken scratch derivatives, then some bog standard chevron stitch from the book.

Finally some little flower motifs, again deriving from chicken scratch... can't leave it alone now! I may have made them up, I may, in my ignorance have stumbled on a stitch others have known about for years. Who knows?


Garnered Stitches said...

I love to look at samplers when I visit museums, one of my favourites is at the museum at Tullis House, (in the house part of the museum) @ Carlisle.
It's good to see the sampler hasn't died just taken one a different, modern approach.

chris woolfenden said...

I love your embroidery samples, can,t wait to get home and get going on some of my own.
I think you should have a word about your quilt at Penrith.......they might actually be wondering who's it is ??? Maybe they have lost your name.