Saturday, January 03, 2009

Finish Up day with Jennifer

Today Jennifer Weeden and I are having a repeat of our day last year (Feb 8th if you want to look back over the posts). She is in the US, I am here in the UK. We are both working on getting done things we don't want to face and we checking via blog/ email from time to time to cyber-nag/ encourage.

This is my totally unrealistic list of things to do - all little bitty things I can easily do but have been avoiding and now they are hugely annoying tag ends! Mostly quilty but not all. I shall be editing this post as the day goes on with comments on what I have achieved. - maybe even adding photos periodically ( although that is timeconsuming!) If you have time to communicate with Jennifer and I as we go along we would both appreciate the encouragement .

NB as I do things the pictures are all in updates below so as to keep the list easily readable

1. Varnish scratches out of jewish quilt/ wallhanging poles
13.10 in progress
Done 17.00
2. Finish the design book for Jewish wallhanging
(Done!! This was the longest job so far! 16.53.)
3. Make a label for Hiding Place Quilt
(Done 9.55)
4. Make a selection of sample labels for City and Guilds course
(Done 9.55)
5. Make sample borders for C&G
(done - 12.25)
6. Make sample curved binding for C&G
7. Display tassles and braids already made for C&G
Done 18.02
8. Print photos and start design book for C&G bedquilt
9. Make button samples
10. Put the rear light on my bike.
13. 10 Delgated to Dennis!
11. Order threads from Barnyarns
I cheated on this one - done 22.51 last night! (Yes this post was pre-written!)
12. Source and order items on class list of Sue Bleiweiss' More Journal Making class
Done as much as I can do online - some things are better with a trip to the local art shop. 18.31
13 Put away stray quilting items still in Berber basket
(done 15.50)
14. Put unsorted scraps into colour coded drawers
(done 15.50)

Ha! No chance all in one day.

Update One - 8.07am

Woke up and reaslied I also need to
15. Finish beading and sleeve on Jewsih wallhanging quilt. Arrgh! Out of interest - does this keep popping back up on Google Reader / Bloglines when I edit it.

Update two - 9.56

This label has been waiting since September - why do I hate to do the last little bit of jobs so much?

City and Guilds sample s- you will notice a 'bare minimum' attitude going on here.

I have designed borders and chosen the fabric. Now for a cup of tea and get cracking on that! Jennifer is not going to be pleased when she wakes up to see I started without her!

Update 3 - 12.26

Jennifer is up and playing ( well no actually she is working hard on clearing up!) and my border samples are done - they took way longer than I hoped but they are done. I decided rather than just to do strips to make a kind of mini quilt top in the hope that it will be useful for somthing after the course. The block was handmade in Amsterdam in the summer.

That sea green is not sean green at all but a very bright green. Dennis is helping - he has taken to coming in periodically as I am sewing and popping chocolate fingers straight in my mouth.. no time to waste!!

Update 4
Have delagted the bike light to Dennis - blowed if I can get it on! Poles will need several coats but are a work in progress. Time for lunch.

Update 5
Design books for Jewish quilt well underway. It comes to something when I have to do my two tiding up tasks as a break!

Update 6

I have done the design book and all the assesment material for the Jesih wallhanging, but I seem to have lost every single one of my samples. They must be somewhere and until I find them ( or add another task: remake them, sigh!) the book is not really finished but for today it is as finished as it is going to get! Now at half past 4 it is time for a tea break.

Update 7

I've had enough! I'm going to stretch my poor back with a little yoga then have a bath. Still some tasks undone:

6. Make sample curved binding for C&G - a quick job for another day

8. Print photos and start design book for C&G bedquilt - well I might get the photos done later!

9. Make button samples - I have no enthusiasm for this task - I knew I'd dodge it!


Kristin L said...

Totally do-able by Sunday though! :-)

Jennifer said...

What a list, and what good progress already! No, I'm not in the least put out that you started, and am in fact glad that you're already making use of your daylight hours. The sun is just coming up here and I'm ready to get my "start" blog entry posted.

Keep going, Helen, and I agree that you may just have the list knocked by end of day tomorrow, even with time out for the hockey game.

Jennifer said...

You're making incredible progress; no doubts it's those chocolates being served up by Dennis....

Quilt Pixie said...

looks and sounds like you're making progress. :-) way to go.

Lisa Walton said...

What a great list and I am very impressed at your progress. I believe you are coming to visit me later this year....