Sunday, January 04, 2009

Giveaways/ bead, sequin and charm trade

In the process of reorganisation I have collected some bits and bobs I am happy to shed. Some are nice and light to post but others will cost a bit, especially internationally. Since I don't want to pay a lot of get rid of things, here is the deal:

Three things are just giveaways and are marked and shown as such below.

Others - the heavier ones and the ones that have had some work put into them are up for trade with beads, sequins or charms because I am trying to build up a stash of those. I will post the item out and when you receive it please take note of the postage I paid. Post me back a bag of beads, which can be bought for about the price of the postage, converted to your currency if need be. The beads, or charms should be fairly insignificant to post but if you need to, take that into account in how many beads etc you send. If you feel the item is worth more to you than just the postage you can add more but you certainly do not have to do so. Beads/ sequins/ charms can be a random selection from your stash or a new pack. Simple or feature-full- matters not.

If you want anything leave a comment. I will choose recipients this time next week so feel free to pass the post link around. You can bid for more than one things of course.

Giveaway - charcoal pencil refills

these fit the C3081graphite marking pencil ( which I stood on and so no longer have)

Giveaway - hardly used beeswax
It has had about four threads pulled through it, if that.

For Bead Exchange - Country Blocks

There are actually 19 sets of blocks, 4 in each set, all in similar country colours. They are made from 5" charm packs in cotton and brushed cotton

Giveaway - Ugly Fabric 1

I know, I know, its all in the eye of the beholder!

For bead exchange - Micro Stitch tool

I am a dyehard spray baste girl!

For bead exchange - Ugly Fabric 2 - two FQ's

For Bead Exchange - whole set of Brown ugly fabrics! 2FQs and some lesser bits

For Bead Exchange - whole set of pinky-purple ugly fabrics!

For Bead Exchange - traditional quilt top

I didn't make this and can't actually recall where it came from ! It has one seam which needs resewing. It measures 34 x 43 inches

For Bead Exchange -contemporary quilt top

Quilt top I made when messing about - good for cleaning your machine out with?! Measures 26 x 29.5 inches

For bead exchange -

Set of Marti Mitchel 4 inch square Perfect patchwork templates set B


floribunda said...

I sort of like the "Helen original" wonky quilt top! Have to agree with your taste on most of the ugly fabrics...

katelnorth said...

Hmm - what does it say that I actually own two of those brown fabrics? can I put a bid in for them, please. Will happily swap for beads/charms.

Helen said...

Can I put my hand up for the template set?? It will probably cost you more to post them to New Zealand than it would for me to buy them here but, hey, I can say they came all the way from England. I'm not good on beads. What kind do you want??

English Rose said...

happy new year Helen. can I put a bid in for either the country squares or the traditional top please. happy to send you some bead type goodies from Kuwait souq.

June Calender said...

I'll put a bid in for your "ugly" pinky-purples. I have quite a lot of tubes of beads in many colors, are there colors you're looking for or stash building in a general way?

And how's your yoga coming? I'm still procrastinating but WILL re-start, I swear! It's the BEST thing we can do for our bods, arthritis and all.

BTW the traditional top was in a book by Trudy Hughes someone sent me years ago and I always wanted to make it but haven't yet, maybe someday, maybe never, I really like the design but want my own colors.

June Calender said...

Sorry to have to communicate this way but my Mac mail seems screwed up won't let me send you an email. I find I DO have your address and so will put a package of beads in the mail to you this week and then you'll have my address. You didn't say but I'm assuming you are collecting an assortment so that's what I'll send.