Monday, May 05, 2008


Firstly, thank you for your answers to the last post but you credit me with far too much knowledge. Birthing?! You are talking to a woman who once had to leave a London bookshop and go and sit on the steps in the fresh air becuase I had glimpsed the inside of a book on pregnancy (Honestly). For any one equally ignorant ( is that possible?) I found out what birthing a quilt means here.

It being a Bank Holiday weekend here I decided to do some finishing up. I am most proud of this top and and itching to get going on the quilting so I can put in all the leaf veins and so on. It is so far titleless so all suggestions welcomed. Dennis has named the animals - Gerry Giraffe, Francis Frog, Harry Hoopoe and Larry Lizard so I supose it could be called the Fab Four, but I suspect you can do better. I think I will also have a go at it with my crayons after the quilting. So far I have just used a grey to tone down the Hoopoe who was demanding too much attention with his brilliant white feathers and have done a little detail on Francis.

I also did the binding and sleeve on Starlight Starbright which was quilted in Penrith at the last class. I think you can just get a bit of the glittery thread on these closeups. It is Superior Threads Glitter which is a holographic thread rather than a metallic. It is very pretty but I had problems with it eyelashing on the back.

Polly got diagonal hand quilted rain which is barely visible on a photo and machined feathers and border.

then I did two samples of machine quilting for my City and Guilds and two trapunto samples (one hand one machine).

Now, I am going to Leeds for a rest. I am lecturing there tomorrow but that means tonight I get to drive over, have a free meal, a bath and go to bed with a book. A few nights ago I pulled back ny bedcovers at home and found two Jodi Picoult books in my bed. Gotta love that husband of mine! (He'll do anything to avoid having to struggle with wrapping paper!)


Brenda said...

I am all for natural births but if you are going to birth a quilt, I suggest that you go for the equivalent of a quilt C-section and do an escape hatch finish a la Mrs Mel.

Shelina said...

Well, you certainly have been busy! All sorts of beautiful work to show us. I just love all your animals!