Monday, May 19, 2008

Home again

My recent silence was due to two trips. First. on Thursday night up to Penrith for a Chambers event the next day. Of course stayed at my parents and seized the opportunity to put my head together with Dad's to design a hanging system for the hall. I thoroughly enjoy the brainstorming of possibilties with him. But, I confess, once he starts being specific about widgits and thingummies I have to make him come to the hardware store with me. Of course once we got there we saw a product that made us re-design on the spot!

I think our ideas were clearer in our heads than on our sketches for each other. He is making two pulley systems as we speak and they are to be couriered down to me this week. Thanks to we found suitable pulleys. More one the design later. Meanwhile the decorators have made a start on the hall today.

From there we went to Worcester as a base for Quilts UK for the weekend. This was one of my favourite quilts made by Sylvia Haines

Only one small annoyance to spoil two days of quilt viewing and shopping: I went to buy a certain product I shall not identify. I had seen it online with this supplier and it would cost £64.50. At the show they had a big sign - buy at the show and get a 'fantastic gift'. Well who is to say no? I was presented with my gift option (microstitch gun or plastic project bag, neither of which I really wanted that much) and a purchase form with a price which now forget but which was over £80. Huh? I commented that the price was more than online and I'd rather buy it that way for less. Quickly an alternative purchase form was pulled from a table at the back of the stand and put in front of me for the show discount price of £63. Is it just me or is that shabby practice? Isn't a 'gift' something I don't pay for?!


Anne Wigfull said...

Shabby practice seems too kind a word for what happened and how do 'they' explain the £16-17 difference? Is that to pay for the free gift which probably costs under £10?(g)

Deborah said...

That's awful! Generally, I am willing to pay for what I want, but I despise being taken advantage of.

Vicki W said...

What a crappy practice - charging mroe for the item people want with the illusion of a free gift so that they can get rid of product that isn't selling.

Gina said...

I find the same at flower shows. People think that they are getting a bargain because it's at a show.

My claim to fame is that I know Sylvia. She's one of these lucky people that sews all day from dawn to dusk as she has some one to do all the cooking and cleaning for her. She won Malvern a few years ago with one of her African quilts.

love and hugs xxx

The Calico Cat said...

I think the whole idea of a gift with purchase is an illusion... A gift should be something that they give without taking your money at all. Otherwise, the cost of the gift is worked in somehow...

At Houston, HandiQuilter handed out bags (nothing fancy or special) that were free - you did not even have to take a test run of their machine! Everything else was paid for! (Although in retrospect, I did pay an entry fee, so maybe the bag wasn't free after all.)