Friday, May 09, 2008

Magazine swap anyone?

Today I got to go to the Southport Quilters show, held in a church hall.
Sadly I didn't think the standard of exhibits was anywhere near as good as their last show, but it is always a pleasure to be surrounded by quilts. (Or maybe that's becuase their last show was the first I ever went you and I have seen more quilts of different types and standards since then?)The group focuses on traditional quilts- mostly it seems made from book patterns, kits or in classes with several quilts made entirely from printed panels. Nothing wrong with that per se but I would have preferred to see more original designs and some art quilts.

This one by Gwynneth Wray was an exception to my general impression and the one I picked for my voters choice. I met her in the carpark later and found out that the letters are painted with Dylon fabic paint

The best thing of the show was that they had two boxes of The Quilter Magazine for sale at 10 p each. I offered them £5 for the lot as neither of us could be bothered to count them there and then. The result is that I have 83 magazines!

However, there are a few doubles and I had the most recent three already. So, I have a proposal. I will swap any three of these for one copy of the recent Studios special magazine produced by Quilters Arts. If you are overseas though I will be sending by surface mail which takes 56 days otherwise the postage outweighs the benefits.

The Quilter is not a pattern magazine. It is the official magazine of the Quilters Guild of the UK and contains articles on heritage quilts as well as modern design, art quilts as well as comment and technique / inspiration articles. It currently has 40 pages and some issues have a free magazine inside called Textile Perspectives. Email me or comment if you are interested.

If there is ayone in the UK who wants the others I have and can pay the postage, again contact me for details of which ones I have.

Meanwhile, my education continues - this morning I downloaded Firefox in which Google Reader works much, much better. Now I understand why that next button is so good. I love how it shows the comments too. And now I am off to learn how to use Google notebooks... and maybe read a magazine or two.

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Ok, I give in...I'm trying out google reader. It's a little confusing yet.