Monday, May 12, 2008


I like notebooks. I like to have matching sets so it is 'necessary' to stockpile them. For writing I have a set that has lovely creamy pages and narrow lines for my small hand writing. The cover allows me to insert a picture of my own. For my quilting journals ( used for sketches, measurements, shopping lists, inspirational clippings, records etc) I have been using these hefty journals with plain white pages.

But, I will soon run out of them so, when I saw this notebook in York, it was so appropriate that I 'had' to invest in a new set. ( The spines all match nicely on the shelf!)

And so, now you understand my journal fetish you can understand by excitement at discovering an online class by Sue Bleiweiss in which I am going to get to learn how to make my own fabric covered journals. I was enticed to sign up by these photos of just gorgeous products made by other students. I hope I can match up!

Also this week I discovered Google Notebooks. (Those of you who found all this stuff last year can you please stop rolling your eyes and cut me some slack here?!) It is not available for Internet Explorer 7 but I was able to download an extension to Firefox which enables a little notebook to be available as you browse the web. You can then drag information into it and make notes. It came in very handy when I was surfing umpteen online shops and trying to compare prices and the best place to buy all my supplies for Sue's class. Another one has also proved a much more sensible place to store several tree of life images I had located by way of research a quilt than simply bookmarking each individual page. Given that you can share these notebooks, I feel another coming on with a list of good quilt related presents to be sent to Dennis in due course!


Brenda said...

While you are on your Google kick, you might like to check out Google Pages which enables you to set up some simple webpages without having to know any HTML.

Quilt Pixie said...

I actually love all the gadgets you're finding on google, as I've never taken much time to explore and love to crib off you :-)