Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its not even nine o'clock yet

At the Quilts UK show I bought the CD ROm that goes with the Karen K Stone book so that I could print out the New York Beauty and Cinco De Mayo quilt blocks via EQ5 onto foundation paper. So, I take my breakfast to the laptop in order to sneak in quilt time before work and... does it work? No it does not.

Nothng wrong with the disc but my computer has forgotten it has a CD drive. It's just not there anymore. I mean the drawer that slides in and out is there but the hard drive doesn't know it. Restarting did not work. Shouting at it , "But I need these foundations for class on Saturday" does not work.

So, PCWorld it is. Which will be the equivalent of being taken to hospital with unmatching underwear because the keyboard is filthy but I have run out of cleaner. I am hoping that there is some quick software thing they can do because otherwise it is either a repair (which means losing the laptop for weeks no doubt), or a new laptop , which is always a kind of happy thing (new/ shiny and then I'd actually have one with a battery that recharges which mine does not do at present and I can avoid buying cleaner for a while longer) but only if you don't think about the cost and the time it takes to reload all the programmes ( which always involves a call to India for some code or other.)

Sigh. Off to make sure all my files ore backed up.

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