Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Day off

A case of mine settled at the last minute and left me with a day off. What to do? The trouble is there was too many choices so I decided on a half -hour plan. Daft though it might be I wrote all my options on little scraps of paper and pulled them out of an envolope in turn allowing around 1/2 hour to enjoy each thing. (Ish!)

So this is what I did:

1. Worked on the 'Water' art quilt I am sharing with you. But in half an hour all I achieved was to workout some sizes. It will have three panels each with three panels and so I laid out fabric just to get the proportions. I drew a lovely neat plan then thought I'd better check the competition requirements - ooops! Too big. So I scaled down and then my half hour was up.

2. Worked on a Christmas quilt I started when I realised all my family were coming to us and the house would need decorating.... and I'd rather spend on fabric than new baubles! Here is a detail of the quilt in progress.

3. Curled up and read as suggested by Diane in her blog recently. I saved the last few chapters of this for bedtime.

4. Made mincepies for Dennis. (He bought a bucket of mincemeat home the otherday and presented it hopefully!)

5. Cleared up some financial paperwork.

6. Read some blogs and found this new one.

7. Took my exercise by walking to the postoffice. Got there and found I no longer had my Internet banking envelope with all my cheques in it. Fortunately I found it right outside. I guess I was distracted by listening to Annie Smith's quilting podcast as I walked.

8. Read the Cottonpatch catalogue. (Ok this wasn't on the list but it arrived in the post today!) They picture a lot of the quilts from Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun. All seem very simple designs - can't see why I need the book if I have pictures to work from!

9. Curl up and read. Hey, Its my game. If I want to cheat and repeat stuff I can!

10. Start some travel research. In 4 years we plan to travel the world for a few months and as the planning fo travel is one of the best bits in my view and as we need to trim down our aspirations it seems like a good idea to do a little bit of research everynow and again from now on. I started with Tasmania as that's where my Uncle is and seems a definate destination for us. I can tell you that this site lists all the quilting shops. (Well where did you think I would start?!

11. Made a lasagne.

12. Watched Property Ladder and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares



Brenda said...

It's never too soon to start planning a travel adventure. I do hope your itinerary brings you via Australia (and New Zealand).

Erica said...

Helen, if you are looking for quilt shops in Australia or New Zealand, check out the Southern Cross Quilters' list at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/8873/
I hope you visit us in Sydney!

katelnorth said...

I'm impressed you only took half an hour to make a lasagne :)

Sounds like a fun game - and delighted to be a part of your day, however small.

Bungeegal said...

Wow, you accomplished quite a lot in just one day! I wish I could get that much done in one day!