Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am cranky.

Today, after I finished my day in court but before I did the 2 hour drive from Carlisle County Court I was presented with 4 lever arch files of papers to read and inwardly digest. One for tomorrow's contested trial in Southport, three for Tuesday's two day hearing ( not withstanding I am also in court on Monday.) The files were so big I actually couldn't get them all in the suitcase I use as a back saving brief case. So that's me not going to the Harrogate Knit and Stitch show this weekend then.

Blah. Pooh. Fiddlesticks.

I think I deserve to visit the two quilt shops in Southport on the way home in consolation don't you? I mean what harm can there be in buying more fabric in the hope that I might actually be allowed time to sew it?!

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Jennifer said...

Argh! You'll have definitely earned a stop at the shop -- more, even! I love the Christmas quilt you've got going....