Friday, November 30, 2007


Ok, all your wonderful comemnts on my stashbusting posts have gone to my head... I just love it when people tell me I made them laugh,a nd really I have yearnings to be a magazine columnist, so I have created a brand new forum for you to be entertained in..

I have created Quiltland Chronicles

The site is only just created and will be updated and revamped in days to come. I intend it to have the same kind of amusing and surreal posts you have enjoyed in the past few days whilst I shall reserve this blog for real life rants and show off items.

Quiltland is my creation but you can of course all contrinute. Ithas its own email address and may well grow and grow in the future into a whole website. Or, I might get fed up of it. Eitherway please vist me because the more vistors, the less chance I'll get fed up! Please tell other people about it too.

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StegArt said...

You go girl!