Friday, November 23, 2007

Un-cranky university student

I actually didn't go to either shop in Southport, Maybe a little becuase I wasn't than cranky by the time I got there to find the client had decided to accept his wife's offer of settlement after all( after his solictors had told him to for months!). Made for an easy morning for me. Just as well as I arrived to realise that I had grabbed the wrong paperchase notepad off the desk this morning. All my cross examination notes in the lined notebook remained at home. I do have with me a number fo quilt designs in eth graph paper notebook though!!

The other two reason I decided not to go was

a) I am going to focus on making quilts with only what I have in stash until January when the big fabric sale is on at Nantwich. thay way I can shop with an easy conscience.

b) before I went to work I manage dto sign up for my first class at Quilt University... on printing my own fabric..... if I get into that doe sot count as a different stash?!

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English Rose said...

You have got to love the logic hon! and thanks for the idea of the advent links, a lovely idea.