Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend away / new blogger

The post below this one was in fact written some days ago but for some reason my computer has decided that me posting photos is cause for an instrusion alert on the computer which meant I couldn't post it until today. Its still a problem but I have found a way around it, if not a solution. I have been in Penrith for the weekend shopping with Mum for her winter clothes and starting a Christmas quilt at my Saturday class. Pictures later.

For now let me just introduce you to a new blogger Janet Bottomley - apparently she was inspired to start blogging by an article I write - so nice to know someone actually read it!. She too is doing a City and Guilds and is doing a better job of posting her samples than I did! Can you go and pay her a visit and say hi? You know what is like to be a new blogger desperate for comments!

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