Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swap bag

Thanks for all the well wishes. I am feeling much better, not least because the group I was teachng to day were the most vibrant, interested group ever. They threw about ten thousand questions at me and as I knew all the answers (I should - this was an introductory course and I've been doing family law since 1994!) I felt very smart and its hard to feel bad and very smart at the same time! Some of them are on my course tomorrow too so hopefully the buzz will continue.

Plus On Tuesday when I did come home feeling miserable, Katrin sent me a German patchwork magazine for no reason other than that she knew from a previous swap that I liked it. Now thats going to cheer you up isn't it?!

Anyway - being ill has its uses. On Monday when I was really bad I just didn't work but watched The Quilts Show and then Ricky Tim's DVD on machine quilting instead. I really wanted to go an quilt a whole amish style quilt using all his tips but (a) I didn't actually have the energy to turn the DVD off when it stopped never mind piece a top ( that title music is the only bad bit of the whole DVD which otherwise I highly reccommend!!) and (b) I know that I really can't start another project until I finish some up.
However, I had a swap to complete - of my own devising- where we have sent some craft items to our partners and have to make them up into something of our choosing and send them back. So last night when I had a bit more oomph, I started this bag - the black fabric was sent the cotton lame at the edges was mine.
and quilted it using 'ricky doodles' from the DVD
They photgraph in this light really badly but I am pleased with them. I still have to finish sewing on the ribbon band, add a ribbon tie and some beads and crystals I was sent but I am hoping my partner will like it. ( And that she is not reading this!)

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madhatter said...

you're always welcome, helen ^.^

the quilting looks awesome, i'm sure your partner will like your craftmanship!