Monday, June 11, 2007

Qucik quick slow

It guess it is not entirely true that I always go for quick quilts. Those who read frequently may remember oblique references in the past to a gift quilt I was being coy about in case the recipient saw it online. I am now satisfied that the recipient is highly unlikley to see my blog ( but just in case I am not revealing yet who they are!). So here are some shots of a quilt in progress. As you will see it is not my style - but they should like it based on pictures in books I have seen them admire.

This will be the center piece when a lot of green bias binding and hand appliqued jacobean flowers get on there ,rather than the few pinned on so far (Hopefully to some extent at least, on the two return train journeys I have to London this week.)

Thanks to Dennis for holding it up!

The center is bordered by these foundation pieced blocks ( four of which still need to be made)

alternated with these flower blocks.

There is then an outer border with similar scalloped edges.

To finish it I am going to learn how to long arm quilt on it at the beginning of July.

I started it in January but, whilst it qualifies as slow because so much of it is by hand ( it took a long evening just to sew that bias trim on the curved border edge! - nothing in it is difficult though) I can't say that it has taken six months becuase I have put it aside for so long and done other things. It would be interesting to keep a little notebook with each quilt to note when it was worked on, where and for how long.... but what are the chances of keeping that up?!

Oh and here is Caleb's Quit all ready to go in the post on my way to London. I did a different free motion pattern on each piece of sashing. Thanks again to Dennis for driving an hour each way to the quilt shop and waiting in there for half an hour just so I could get some backing. (And some stash. And some thread. And some free chocolate)


Jennifer said...

Both these quilts are magnificent -- each in its own way -- and I think Caleb Noah is a-ok. Dennis IS quite the good sport, isn't he? 7 hours to piece a top is mind-bogglingly fast to me, and don't even get me started on how stunned I am at the speedy and lovely quilting. Tell me how likely you are to do more Jacobean applique -- I have a couple of patterns I could send you.

Diana said...

I am constantly amazed at how much you are able to get done. And now you are learning to long arm quilt, too!