Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One for Brenda

I appreciate that details of my sewing room might by now be geting tedious but bear with me because another phase has been completed - the drawers arrived today. Not pretty but easily removable for when we convert the room back for dining, the intention was that they would provide extra storage and a press/cut area to my right as I sewed.

My concern was that in the picture on the Internet shop,I could see that the top of the frame had a recessed area. Whilst I had the overall dimensions I didn't know the size of that recess and was concerned it would mess up my plans for use of the top. I ordered anyway. And look. The recess is the exact - exact!- size of my smaller cutting board. Brenda, if that is not serendipity then I don't know what is!! (If you don't know why I am talking to Brenda click on the link on her name!!

As you can see I have been testing the whole table set up with some foundation piecing and it is a dream now.

As for quilt progress there is good news ( yes I can move the long arm back two days) and bad ( my friend who is sending the much needed green fabric can only do so on her return from Wimbledon and so will post exactly 5 days before that new quilting date.) At university I was a swotty work-all-year student so I never needed to pull last minute all nighters but perhaps someone less nerdy could remind me what those legal amphetamine like tablets everyone else used are called!

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Thimbleanna said...

Ha! You won't need those little tablets -- you'll be on a quilting high! Better than pills any day!!! Good luck in making the deadline.