Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recommended book

Although I have cut down on my travel dramatically I still do a certain amount. Sadly I cannot guarantee that my nicely planned schedule will stay that way. This week I was supposed do Tuesday - Friday in London which allows for evening shopping and getting together with friends. However, the middle two days cancelled so I end up shuttling back and forth on the evening instead.

This is not a major hardship becuase I travel just off peak soI can afford first class and so get waited on hand and foot whilst I spread out over four seats. However, the trains are now fast swaying trains whch equates to travel sickness to me if I use my laptop so I am limited in the type of work I can do aboard. My usual practice is to do some work reading about as afar as Nuneaton to assuage the guilt then sew with a quilting podcast on. On the way home I sew ( spreading sharp notions and needles over the table discourages anyone from sitting with me if the train is busier than usual!) and then when food is served I read a nice book. ( Swaying trains, food and cream quilt material do not go well together).

On the last trip home on Tuesday I read this book which I highly recommend if you like colourful quilts photographed in beautiful settings and/or foundation piecing. Details are here

Yesterday I suggested Dennis look at the photos. Obedently he did so for about 15 seconds then threw it back saying "41 and 48" referring to the page numbers of the patterns he instinctively liked.

Joy! He picked one I liked too ..... which requires 125 different fat quarters! Now even my stash does not come close to that so I am taking it as spousal suport for shopping! I'm not saying I am actually going to make the quilt but just in case......

Karen K Stone Quilts


Dennis said...

125 Fat Quarters!! You omitted to tell me that bit.....(sometimes even I have to use email to communicate with my wife!!)

English Rose said...

goodness I love that kind of logic and forward planning/low down cunning. what a star you are! come on Dennis, it's got to be worth it.