Saturday, June 09, 2007

Quick Quilts

You know how I said that even I knew that I didn't need to start another project... well, there are always exceptions, right? Like the fact that this morning the wife of the cousin I never see has just had a baby.... well come on, I've had a baby that needed a cot quilt since I've been a quilter.

(The family seem split on whether the name Caleb Noah is fantastic or an infliction on the poor child - what's your reaction?)

So this afternoon I made this top thinking to just do a quick something with whatever I had to hand. Wonkiness is attributable to the photography not the sewing!

Trouble is that because I like to just sew as I go along it isn't exactly cot size and being 45 x 45 or course it will need a double length of fabric for backing and I haven't got anything suitable. ( I may have a good stash but it does still have gaps in it!!) I am designating it a 'crawl quilt' so really it doesn't need to be quick ( unless Caleb is a prodigy) but I don't want it hanging around the house.

So, tomorrow I get to drive to Southport to the quilt shop to get backing and then to quilt it, so Ricky's DVD will come in sooner than I thought!
On reflection perhaps I should not have been so eager to calm the quilt down and should have let it be all bright blocks together? I need to work more out of my natural autumn tones I think.

The top took me exactly 7 hrs to do. I don't know if that is fast or not but it does occur to me that one reason I look at my finished products and am manifestly unimpressed is that I go for speedy and simple over slow and intricate. Perhaps this is becuase the first quilt book I bought was called Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend and it gave me the wrong impression! I am thinking though of starting something complex with the deliberate aim of working on it in small detail over a long period of time just to reset my mind as it were. Also I think to make myself make something that stays small would be an equal challenge!

But perhaps first, I should finish some of those quick-ish projects that are hanging around!


Erica said...

I've never really been into 'quick' quilts, probably because I obtain more satisfaction from the process rather than the product. Of course, this does mean it takes a very long time before I finish anything! My record is a queen size hand pieced Feathered Star quilt (must put a pic on my blog soon) that took 10 years or so to finish (and even then I paid someone to quilt it). Now I am considering starting a hand pieced Seven Sisters quilt in blues and greens. That will take forever.

Vicki W said...

A quick quilt every now and then is good for the soul and this one is adorable!

Purple Missus said...

Caleb Noah? Well, no-one will be able to forget his name in a hurry will they, but I would keep quiet about his middle name until he reaches the age of consent - you know how cruel children can be!

Susan D said...

Not sure about Noah I agree with Purple Missus better keep that one quiet but I can't complain about Caleb as that is my youngest nephews name. Though Mum and I had the same reaction when we learnt what my brother and sister-in-law had chosen.