Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hoxton Hip

With time to kill between ending a course and train home ( the consequence of traveling off peak so I can travel first class for £80 instead of an hour earlier for £328) I have found a free internet point at the Hoxton Urban Lodge, the rather hip hotel I have been working in. Trouble is I have nothng to say as I have been knocked into shocked silence by Erica's comment on my previous post about taking 10 years to handpiece a feathered star quilt.

I need to know Erica, did you work continuously on that for 10 years or leave it aside for big bits of time? I assume you made other stuff along side it? And was it still liked at the end of the project? And what does it look like and where is it now? Erica, please post on your blog and I will link to it from mine! ( Meanwhile you can see her first quilt on todays post.)

Other people reading - why not post on your blog a picture of your most complicated and time consuming project to date and comment here with a link.

But it made me think. If I was just finishing a quilt I started 10 years ago, what would I have been doing when I started it? I would have been 26, still a solicitor ( as opposed to Barrister now) but apart from that , much the same. Still in the same house, with same man. No big differences. Is that good becuase I had a happy life that I have maintained or does that make me a very boring person in need of dramatic change and variation. ( No, not you Dennis, you - my man- stay as a constant!)

What do you think? Am I a boring person who needs to run off to live with the tribes in Irian Jaya? Or shall I stay at home with my needles and pension fund?


English Rose said...

you just stay right where you are hon. for those of us whose lives are somehow constantly changing, the thought that its possible to have that degree of continuity is wonderful. I know we all think the grass is greener on the other side, and I have had a mostly good life, but actually, you don't want to go off and live with some tribe somewhere, I mean, where would you get your fabrics from?!

Purple Missus said...

You stay right where you are Helen - my lunchtime break, which is when I get to read you, just wouldn't be the same! But having said that I can just imagine the stories you would have to tell if you and Dennis went on an extended stay with some tribal chieftain :)

Erica said...

No, no, no - I didn't take every waking moment of ten years to make the quilt. I believe the term for my quilts is that they 'lie fallow' for long stretches of time. Yes, I still love the quilt. Even though I get pulled in all directions, design-wise, I still think Feathered Stars are my absolute favourite patterns. Once I dig out a photograph, I'll blog it.

Nothing wrong with your life, Helen, otherwise you wouldn't be enjoying it so much!