Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Travel trauma

For one who travels so much -both for business and leisure - I am very bad at one aspect of it: packing. I don't mean the mechanics of packing. I am a world beater at that - I can roll and stuff and cram into a case for England. I mean choosing what to take.

How do I know what the weather will be like next Thursday?
How do I know whether I will be in casual or dress up mood?
How do I know whether I will or will not spill chicken tikka masala sauce over one outfit and need a spare?

And for our upcoming trip to Bath the decision get worse. We are going by car for a fortnight in a flat we know well. So no airline luggage limits but I do have a very large car boot. Basically I have a fortnight of creativity and relaxation.

Some decisions are easy. The sewing machine has to come becuase I am doing a thread play class at Midsomer Quilting when I am down there. Which means the thread box comes too. And my still in edit novel has to come because if I don't crack it soon the only chance of publication will be a posthumous one. (And my friend Sharon will start to nag. In a very nice way. And with justification. But still....)

But thereafter I hit dilemma time.

How many books shall I take given that I don't want to run out but in any event am within 5 mins walk of two good bookshops?

And what about quilting? The sewing machine has to go becuase I am doing a thread play workshop at Midsomer Quiting when I am down there. So the whole thread storage box goes too. And the gift quilt I am painstakingly hand appliqueing and paper piecing comes too or else the lack of progress will worry me and spoil the relaxation. But should I pack somthing else and if so what?

The Afican ladies will be ready for basting (There are just two seams left to sew and a border to put on) but there is no space in the flat to baste it but I might be able to wangle workshop space in one of the shops down there. Which begs the question - do I just put a plain backing on it or shall I use the spare strips leftover to piece some kind of back?. Or are they best used in another top ( Im thinking a kids one with animal foot prints inbetween scrap blocks). Or should I finish one of the others in progess before I start another? The crazy blocks I was making with other scraps? Or the silk wall hanging that is ready for quilting? Or should I give into temptation because I'm in holiday and see if I can start and finish one while I am away - a Japanese one perhaps? Or should I let myself hack into that collection of black and red Asian fabrics I have been itching to get my hands on in my stash? Or perhaps I shouldn't take anything given that I am going via the traders at Trentham Gardens and have access to three fabric shops and a haberdashers down there.....

Or perhaps I should just squeeze it all into the car and decide when I get there?



Nellie Bass Durand said...

Oh Lord! What a dilemma! I would be tempted to take one project along with the intent to finish it. However, I'd leave the option open to be tempted by the excitement of a new idea or new fabric(s).

Jennifer said...

Personally, no matter how much I take with me and with as good as intentions as there may be, I NEVER manage to accomplish much on holiday. Take little, so that you don't feel anything's nagging you while you're supposed to be resting up and having fun. Plus, that leaves more room in the boot for the stuff you buy while you're there ;-)

Diana said...

Um, just how big is the trunk of your car anyway? LOL I can never get much accomplished on vacations either, but maybe one handwork project (besides the machine and all the accompanying gear) and some books?

And Jennifer is right--you need to leave room for the souvenirs!